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Company Profile

Trek Himalayan is a leading adventure travel specialist and tour operator offering outbound trips to Nepal, Tibet (China), Bhutan and India.

We organize a wide range of carefully-crafted, fun-filled, safe and value priced culture and adventure trips i.e. trekking, hiking, cultural sightseeing, peak climbing, mountain expeditions, river rafting, bunjee jump, jungle safari, paragliding and many other special interest trips all over the Himalayan destinations for individuals and groups travelers.

With over two decades-long personal experience in travel industry, our travel experts and professionals have served thousands of travelers with their vacation & dream adventures over every inch.

Our appointed Ground Handling Agent/DMC for South Asian region is Trek Himalayan Nepal Pvt. Ltd. based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being socially and environmentally conscious travel company, Trek Himalayan is committed to minimize negative implications of travel and promoting positive attributes by adopting good environmental and social practices while operating the trips.We are in the firm belief that responsible practices can help increase the quality of visitor's experiences and maintain the viability of tourism businesses by protecting the biodiversity, preserving the natural habitats & landscapes and supporting the indigenous communities at the grass-root level. 

Good practices in responsible travel can contribute to positive relationships with suppliers, staff and local communities, who are more likely to support us because our company conserves local environment, contributes to the well-being of local communities & mountain eco system for future generations.

Team Building Events

Trek Himalayan offers fun-filled corporate team building activities to its employees to promote team work, team bonding, leadership skills and learn performance.

We believe that team work brings mutual respect, compassion, humanity & spirituality to the organization.  Our employees in the company work for each other with team spirit and powerful force much effectively than their skills and company's policies. The company will be much benefitted if its employees are best motivated to learn and develop their potential.  Team-building events and activities that we offer to our employees from time to time stimulate problem-solving tasks, develop their capacity to work effectively together.  In our team building activities and events we offer trekking guide training, first aid training, workshops, seminars, outdoor sports, indoor games etc.

Mission Statement

We provide our clients with the highest levels of personalized service, quality and value in the trips all over the Himalayan regions. We offer all our tour programs in a rewarding, responsible and professional manner, respecting nature and local cultures while sharing the benefits of ecotourism and financial benefits to the local people.

Quality assured

Being one of the leading adventure travel companies in Nepal, we have long-established relationships with our suppliers to ensure not only competitive prices but also in quality service. Considering the client’s comfort, we always use our own private transport to travel across the Himalayan regions. We have our own modern fleet of air-conditioned vehicles, ranging from Japanese cars, vans and coaster coaches depending on the size of the group. The chauffeurs and accompanying guides are polite, well behaved, highly experienced and trained. They are well versed with the local areas and can communicate in English and other foreign languages.

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