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Tibet is a land of mysticism and adventures unlike any others. It is known as Khawachen -- “Land of Snows” in Tibetan, and also called “The Roof of the World” by travelers. The Tibetan plateau stretches from the Karakorum in the west to the rugged jumble of ranges and river gorges in the east; the Himalaya bend around its southern border and the Kunlun ranges on its north-west boundary. Within this area lies a unique and diverse geography that is matched by an enduring and dynamic culture.

Due to its inaccessibility, austere environment, and powerful Buddhist culture many travelers, researchers and explorers attract towards this special and fantastic land. The combination of an ancient culture with a rugged landscape makes the experience of Tibet unforgettable. They overcome with countless hardships – the alpine dry climate, blinding sands, piercing winds, bumpy routes to reach their ultimate destination of the planet. Naturally isolated by the mighty Himalayas in the north, its doors opened to tourists in 1992 with very strict permit requirements.

Whether you wish to experience the Buddhist lifestyle, delve into Buddhist culture, trek through the Himalayas, drive through the vast Tibetan Plateau or commune with nature, you need physical endurance, careful preparation and a sense of humor. Then, only you will have a rewarding & unforgettable experience.


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